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Khattak City Pabbi is an inexpensive Society with today's amenities. Also, The developers have allocated vast properties for playgrounds and green open spaces. So, Society is the most prosperous, featuring the finest facilities available. The creators want to build a place where everyone can feel at ease. Also, they can enjoy themselves without worrying about anything.

Features of Khattak City

Eco-Friendly Society

Society For those who choose Society, it will have the luxury and environmental friendliness. It's a quiet housing community. Also, residents can go for a stroll, jogging, and meditation. Besides, there will be other outdoor activities thanks to the clean air.

Water Reservoir

An individual's primary necessity is water. Society builders have developed water reservoirs. Also, builders provide for their residents' everyday water needs. Thus, water filtration plants give people clean drinking water.

Medical Facilities

So citizens can have access to quality healthcare. Besides, the project's developers have decided to construct a massive hospital. Moreover, It will provide the best treatment whenever anyone needs it. Additionally, developers have only hired experienced physicians.

Schooling Facilities

Investing in youths improves Society's foundation. They make essential contributions to Society graduation. Moreover, Society leadership identifies the significance of education. That's why they developed the best schools and have hired skilled teachers.

Safe Environment

The administration has placed Security cameras in Society. They will ensure the safety of their residents at all times. Moreover, developers have constructed secured entrance points. Additionally, it will shield its residents from danger.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers have built a proper street network. When a person first enters Society, this is among the things they remember most. Moreover, there will be lovely views along the Boulevard and surrounding.


Every Muslim neighborhood gives priority to building a mosque. Besides, any Pakistani housing complex would be incomplete without mosques. Also, Mosques are significant, where residents can pray the five daily prayers. Society, thus, offers its people beautiful Mosques.

Salient Features

The developers of Society have also created some unique features and the best facilities. For the community residents. Also, the Society residents will enjoy a wonderful life here.

• Secured Entrance
• Playgrounds and Parks
• Affordable Prices
• Ideal Location
• Well-Maintained
• Mosque
• Proper Sewerage System
• Dumping System
• Cemetery
• Power Grid
• Water Resources
• Provision of Essentials
• Schooling Institutes
• Rapid Development
• Medical Facilities
• Gated Society
• Secured Area


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